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What are Adjustable Safety Vests and Why Choose Them?

October 6th, 2010

As you may have guessed, adjustable safety vests are, well, adjustable. This means that the safety vest has the function of increasing or decreasing its size, normally by one or two sizes. Most adjustable safety vests can be adjusted in one of three ways. Choose from vests with plastic side snaps, vests with hook and loop expandable side panels, or vests with Velcro closures. Adjustable safety vests come with only one of these features, not all three, so it’s important to check the description before ordering your safety vest.

So why choose an adjustable safety vest over an ordinary vest? Generally there are two reasons one will choose this style over another:

1) Better fit over bulky clothingAdjustable safety vests have a big advantage when it comes time to fit your safety vest over a bulky jacket, coat, or sweater. Because they can be adjusted to be a few sizes larger, adjustable safety vests can easily fit over clothing without needing to be stretched or torn.

2) Better option when buying for multiple people – Many companies need to order large quantities of safety vests for their employees. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine exactly how many of each size vest is needed to fit everyone perfectly, especially when the order is in the hundreds or thousands of safety vests. Because adjustable safety vests can fit multiple sizes, they become the perfect option for these bulk orders. The next time you need a large quantity order of safety vests, consider buying adjustable vests.

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